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Living the Dream: Start early, Start often, Wear flip flops

SCAN! The road to shark tank can be long and winding.  Fortunately Garrett Gee started early and often. “My grass is always greener” – LG Neville Garrett has an incredibly…

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From restocking bestsellers at WalMart to writing them w/ Rachel Rofe’

Rachel wants to know what you are waiting for?? Are you one of those people who has had a book in them for YEARS but has never taken the steps…

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Wickedgoodcupcakes slider 642x303

Its a “WONDERFUL” life when you are selling Wicked Good Cupcakes

Cupcakes of Mass Destruction While you are used to hearing from THE BEST entrepreneurs on Shark Tank here on the podcast, it ISN’T very often they do a deal with…

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Turning a hobby into a million-dollar business w/ The Smart Baker!

The Smart Baker(s) The Smart Baker took a deal on Shark Tank with Barbara Corcoran in the Shark Tank, but like so many the ink never dried on the paperwork…

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How to grow a million-dollar business without spending a dime on marketing! Freshly Picked

Alternate Title: How to get a standing ovation from Mark Cuban on National TV! Take your pick, either way Susan Peterson was FANTASTIC during her segment on Shark Tank.  Whether…

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Game Face

How to scale from 100k sales to 2 million in one year with The Game Face Company

  Time to put your GAME FACE ON! Doug Marshall woke up one day with a million dollar idea, literally.  He went to work right away putting the patents in…

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How to get 400 retail clients in your first 3 months with FiberFix!

100x stronger than duct tape, how could Lori say no? Spencer & Eric are 2/5ths (the best looking 2/5ths in their estimation) of the partnership that make up FiberFix.  FiberFix…

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Mod Mom Furniture

Sharkbites can be fatal – Kiersten Hathcock of ModMom Furniture

Kiersten puts the “MOM” in Mod Mom What makes a mother of two in the corporate marketing world pick up a set of tools and start making high end toy-boxes…

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hot tot

How a deal with Mark Cuban changed EVERYTHING – Hot Tot Haircare

Follow Your Heart, That’s What Megan Does! Hot Tot Hair Care was still in its infancy when Megan Gage entered the Shark Tank.  Megan was determined to first and foremost…

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Introducing the Newest Guest Shark Steve Tisch

Shark Attack! Say hello to guest SHARK Steve Tisch Here are some fun facts about Steve: Family owns the NY Giants Gave Tom Cruise his first lead role in “Risky…

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